“It” Happened…Hitting the Holy Trifecta

I have in many regards been a rather immature Christian, so says author Andrew Murray. It all unfolded inside of 24 hours; God and I hit the Holy Trifecta and I took a big step toward becoming a more mature Christian. I’m talking about sinning, repenting, and convicting. I have been reading an awful lot about prayer of late, as well as writing a little about it, and in the process I have even managed to pray while I was at it.

I plopped on my knees when the house was empty having a nice 5-10 minute conversation with the Lord. There had been some sin in my life that I needed to confess and repent. As I have been reading from several books on the topic, I have a new-to-me pattern of prayer that turns out is thousands of years old and is right from the Bible; it seems to have added an extra gear to my prayer life. It also goes to show that it took me way too long to make this incredible “discovery”. I now publicly plant my palm to my forehead. That is a post for later. I can tell you it was honest, clear and heartfelt. Clear was the part I’ve not been too good with in prayer. Bright shiny objects, even in my head, are very tempting to me. It really felt good when I finished. I have been under some stress of late, so I needed to clear the air and come clean, and I did. If you aren’t familiar with the “Our Father” prayer, think Mathew 6:9 and talk to God about what each part means to you at that moment.

That night I was reading a book by Andrew Murray that I think is worthy of a post all on its own called “Lord, Teach Us To Pray”. As I put the book down after having underlined it to death, I lay in bed I popping on my head phones falling asleep rather quickly. At about 1:45 in the morning I woke up after having some odd dreams. I grabbed a small glass of water, stumbled my way back to bed and put back on my head phones. My iPod had been playing all night and it took a minute to figure out what I was listening to. It was the audio book “Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. The selection was discussing what I think was the topic of conviction by the Holy Spirit. If it wasn’t that topic, that’s the one the Holy Spirit hit me hard with anyway. Like a pillow to the head when my wife “gently” tells me I’ve been snoring, the Holy Spirit was convicting me. I prayed, I listened, I struggled, and the next thing I knew my alarm had gone off. Save for the four hours of wrestling and sleeping, I had been awake all night getting right with the Lord. It was an amazing experience in of itself, but the day wasn’t over.

In the prayer I had the previous afternoon while the house was empty, using my new-found prayer pattern, I made a request. The next day not only was that prayer answered, it was answered ten fold! As should be noted, the outcome was much, much better than I could have imagined. Thank you God! I’ll conclude with a little about Andrew Murray. He writes of the mature versus the immature Christian, that the mature Christian prays with more and more intercession as opposed to praying for themselves. It isn’t as much of a “me” party, it’s about praying for others. I’ll leave you with a question. Are you moving towards maturity in your walk?

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